SNCZ a reçu le label ‘Responisble care diagnostic confirmé’ de France Chimie.

This year, SNCZ has joined the Responsible Care collective action led by France Chimie. This resulted in a third-party confirmation of our strengths and opportunities, as well as in a bespoke action plan giving a new thrust to our CSR approach.
The ‘Responsible Care – confirmed diagnosis’ label by France Chimie is proof of SNCZ’s commitment to actively support the principles of Responsible Care.

Thank you to all SNCZ staff for their involvement and enthusiasm!

Responsible Care is the global Chemical Industry’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment to enhance safe chemicals management.
This is the chemical companies’ voluntary commitment to go beyond regulatory compliance in environmental, health and safety and security performance. 
This initiative was launched in 1985 in Canada and was adopted in France in 1990.

The Responsible Care charter is based on 6 key elements:
– A corporate leadership culture
– Safeguarding people and the environment
– Strengthening chemicals management systems
– Influencing business partners
– Engaging stakeholders
– Contributing to sustainability

The Responsible Care charter was signed by SNCZ in 2015. Since then, we have been committed to achieving continuous improvement in these 6 key areas.

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