COVID-19 impact on SNCZ activity

As well as most of European countries, France is facing a very serious situation with Covid-19 infection.
In the past days, our government has set up higher restrictions to reduce virus spread.

However, SNCZ has enforced safety and health procedures to keep optimal working conditions for our staff.
All non-operational employees have been equipped and are working from home.

Our plant is still operating and shipments are on schedule, but this situation may change at any time :

– if we have any disruption in raw materials supplies

– if we have higher restrictions from the French government

– if we have a case of Covid-19 infection among our colleagues.

We understand that it may cause inconveniences in a near future but we will keep our plant operating as long as possible to supply our customers.

We hope you understand our current position and we believe we can go through this unprecedented situation.


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