France Relance

SNCZ, ganador del Plan de Recuperación ‘FRANCE RELANCE’

Como parte del plan de recuperación del gobierno francés “France Relance”, SNCZ recibió 800.000 € para apoyar el desarrollo de nuestro sitio de producción en Bouchain (norte de Francia).

SNCZ is proud to build a greener, more competitive and more inclusive economy in France.

Over the next three years, our ambitious strategic initiatives aim at:

  • Significantly increasing our production capacity for anticorrosive pigments;
  • Reshoring the production of high-end products on our site, thus developing added value activities in France;
  • Strengthening our competitiveness by speeding up digital transformation.

SNCZ is committed to boosting green, innovative investments, and developing employment at a local level. They were key elements in the final decision.

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