ZINC ALUMINIUM PHOSPHATE, Zn3Al(PO4)3, x H2O, [x from 4 to 8]


PHOSPHINAL PZ04 is a Zinc Aluminium phosphate developed to give higher and longer anticorrosion performance to the epoxy coatings than standard Zinc phosphate. It is a stable and non-hygroscopic white powder with a low tinting strength, it is easily dispersed.

PHOSPHINAL PZ04 is suitable for a wide range of solvent and water based resins. This pigment is specifically adapted to epoxy resins and acrylic systems.

Technical data

Zn content (%) - on the ignited product41.53.5ICP
PO4 content (%) - on the ignited product47.0minICP
Al content (%) - on the ignited product4.51.0ICP
Oil absorption (cm3/100g)355ISO 787-5
Sieve residue - 45 μm (%)0.05maxISO 787-7
pH6.81.0ISO 787-9
Pb content (ppm)100maxICP
Cd content (ppm)100maxICP
Density (g/mL)Typ. 2.7ISO 8120-2
D50 (µm)Typ. 6ISO 13320
Fineness HegmanTyp. 5ISO 787-5
ISO 1524
Loss on ignition (%) - 1h at 600°CTyp. 18.0Gravimetry

Formulators Guidelines

Excellent:      Good:      Possible:      Not yet tested: __     Not recommended: nr
* : Normally used in association with other pigments (ex : ion exchanged Silica)
Solvent BasedPerformance 
Short oil alkyd
Medium oil alkyd
Long oil alkyd
2K epoxy
High solid epoxy
Epoxy ester
Water BasedPerformance 
Water reducible alkyd
Alkyd emulsion
Epoxy ester
2K epoxy
Acrylics and modified acrylics
Specialty coatingsPerformance 
Wash primernr
Coil coating*
Powder coating

Best performances are obtained with a typical loading of 5 to 12% by weight on the total formulation.

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