Formulating eco-friendly waterborne anticorrosion primers

Environmentally-friendly anticorrosive pigments

SNCZ, the world leading manufacturer of anticorrosion pigments, is dedicated to offering high performing and Eco-Friendly solutions.

When it comes to formulating an eco-friendly waterborne anticorrosion primer, the anticorrosive pigment is very often the last component being classified as eco-toxic. In the past, in order to avoid the classification, the only choice a formulator had, was to choose among Zinc free pigments. Zinc free pigments are less versatile and lower performing than Zinc phosphate based pigments.

Based on the patented ‘ACE technology’, SNCZ has developed a unique range of Eco-friendly Zinc phosphate based pigments for most needs:

The eco-friendly anticorrosion pigments offer the same corrosion protection than the standard pigments.

WB styrene acrylic

300h SST  60+70µm on CRS 
10% corrosion inhibitor

WB Epoxy

850h SST – 70µm on CRS
6.5% corrosion inhibitor

Alkyd emulsion

200h SST – 60µm on CRS
9% corrosion inhibitor

Zn Ca Phospho- silicate


Key benefits of SNCZ eco-friendly pigments:

  • highly compatible with SB and WB formulations
  • allow the formulation of high performance and eco-friendly paints
  • not subjected to restrictions for transportation nor storage limitations.

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