New product: NOVINOX ACE 36W

Novinox ACE 36W is an anticorrosion pigment without any environmental classification. It is a new addition to our Ecofriendly range.

Like Novinox ACE20 and Novinox ACE 24, Novinox ACE 36W is a modified Zinc phosphate. All the ecotoxicity tests have been carried out to prove it has no danger to aquatic organisms.

Novinox ACE 36W is our top performer pigment designed for the formulation of ecofriendly paints.

It is particularly suitable to waterborne alkyds. It will give higher performance, both in term of anticorrosion resistance and paint stability, than Novinox ACE20 and Novinox ACE 24.

A production batch has already been manufactured. Samples and bags are readily available for tests and trials.

The product is currenlty packaged in 20kg bags/500kg pallets.

The TDS, SDS and a technical presentation can be found once logged in.

For further information, please do not hesistate to contact your technical team.

Bertrand and Laetitia


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